Why it works.

“A project is much more likely to survive with a strong network of  partners, giving them a competitive  advantage in the market. Our focus is to take on fewer projects that have BIG impacts”.

This is why we call our network an “Ecosystem”, as it allows us to provide our clients with excellent  collaboration opportunities to achieve maximum competitiveness. Projects that will be vetted out by people that are well versed in the industry, People who have a  working knowledge of the potential of DLT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Big Data. People that are involved and have contributed to the world of Blockchain, DLT, and technology services as a whole. They understand the intricacies of its deployment, structure and the regulatory environment. Through our vetted partnership network we have a wide net of technologies and services that can assist or serve as your internal teams.





Health IT , Infrastructure and Development

DLG has been involved in large scale enterprise level Health IT and Full scope infrastructure projects in Malta, China and India. Our partners and projects teams have successfully executed full scope:

  • Hospital Management, 
  • EMR/ EHR Implementations, 
  • Restructuring, and Buildouts. 

We have worked with governments as well as private entities to advise on Public Private Partnerships, regulation and compliance, multi faceted funding and comprehensive clinical/ operational assessments.