Within today’s environment there is often a lack of coordination between the teams managing fares and rules, and the teams managing inventory. Even in airlines where this is well coordinated, the structure creates natural duplication of effort. This leads to a high risk of subverting the commercial intent of the airline. As inventory rules and millions of published fares are overlayed, the actual outcomes are often unexpected, and become difficult to manage.

Airline Commercial relies heavily on management information and analytics to drive the business and profitability. These systems and data sources have evolved over the past 10 to 15 years to report performance against changing market conditions, maintain competitive pricing, and drive sales and profitability. This has led to multiple tools to present, analyse and report commercial performance, mostly driven out of significant amounts of centralized data. These systems suffer from various inconsistencies, data definitions and technologies, so that they are increasingly difficult to adapt and can provide inconsistent information. As a result, strategic and operational discussions and decisions are jeopardized by different interpretations of information from different Decision Support Systems. It has also reached a stage where some of the tools and technology are in soon-to-be unsupported platform as well as becoming less agile and scalable to handle the changes in a timely manner.

THIS IS WHERE WE COME IN.  Our Integrated Commercial Business Intelligence and Decision support platform will enable Revenue Management, Commercial Managers and Key decision makers access to more information to make better decisions to add value and profitability. REVEMAX provides multi dimensional/interactive analysis tools at your finger tips from the CEO to the Sales team. 

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