Strategy Consulting


DLG leverages our global network and knowledge of various industries that include Technology, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Finance to curate strategic relationships. Our capabilities include expertise in the areas of Public-Private Partnerships and global alliances with governments and private enterprise entities.

DLGs subject matter experts are available for consulting and analysis functions that are tailor-made for your business needs. We leverage disruptive tech like Blockchain, DLT and Machine Learning make sure your organization is on the cutting edge.

Technology Development


With our "ecosystem " approach we bring the best possible teams to the table to develop, manage and implement your projects. We have US based, near shore and off shore teams that can determine the best approach to save time and money to get your project started with the least amount of resistance. With development teams in NYC/ Bangalore, Mumbai/ Monterrey Mexico/ Malta we can cover most timelines with ease and keep your project teams efficiently engaged.



DLG has helped develop and implement numerous Healthcare related projects around the world. We help define parameters and help secure investment opportunities.  Healthcare IT, Pharma and 3-D Printing