JULY 2019


DLG & BlockApps

DLG is pleased to announce its partnership with BlockApps a leading Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) provider.

As part of this network, DLG will be helping with international business development as well as training and reseller services. Our first collaboration is in the Airline and Airport space, please reach out to us if you have any questions.



BlockApps is the most trusted blockchain platform provider in the world, bringing security, permission-based visibility, and efficiency to enterprises of all sizes. 

BlockApps was the first company incubated out of Consensys in 2015 and has created several industry innovations including the launch the best, easy-to-use, most powerful Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) platform on the market called STRATO.

Since launching STRATO on Microsoft Azure in 2015, BlockApps was also the first blockchain company to partner with all major cloud platforms (Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform) and is a founding member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (the world’s largest open standard blockchain organization).

Find out more at https://blockapps.net/partner-network/


MAY 2019




DLG is pleased to announce its partnership with PATHFINDER GLOBAL a leader in retail business intelligence space. With rich expertise in retail data intelligence, they have grown into a trusted partner for leading airports shopping malls & retailers. DLG is integral in bring this celebrated 25 year old BI powerhouse to the North American and Asian markets. 



Pathfinder,  a pioneer in delivering solutions to retail industry, since its inception in 1993, by understanding client needs and optimizing efforts to provide enhanced solutions. Due to escalating challenges and accelerating technologies business environment keeps evolving, Pathfinder uses technology as a logical solution to address client's business requirements. 

Using their expertise in data exploration capabilities, they help clients in improving the overall performance of their businesses and the resulting outcomes. They adapt best practices based on client’s unique needs and are organized to meet deadlines which have been integral to their success.

Their Business Intelligence services support clients’ technologies by providing relevant business information during decision making. 

Their combined expertise translates to providing clients with a comprehensive suite of capabilities encompassing all facets of Business Intelligence services by providing skilled consultants to work with client's team. Since there is no one size fits all solution they deliver customized solutions that are optimal for the client's business environment.